I Want to Not Want Food….Where do I start?

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Do you wish you could hate food sometimes….? And not want it as much as you do?

When I was overweight and unhappy with my circumstances in life, I ate for the sake of eating but desperately wanted to hate food so that I didn’t want it so bad and so that I could lose weight…

What I didn’t know then is that I was blaming food for my weight, for how I felt and for all my circumstances in life.

What I also found out was that I had so many beliefs about food that didn’t serve me.  Maybe you can relate with a few….

If only I didn’t love food so much, I would be skinny……


If only this burger wasn’t so good, I could lose weight…. 


It’s the commercials fault for making it look so good…

I was blaming food for being overweight, for my inability to control myself around food.  Blaming food and or the food industry felt good because it took all the pressure away from me, except it made me an emotional child.

As an Emotional Child, we usually tend to blame outside circumstances for what we’ve created.  Because blaming myself would be unfair, since I had good intentions, but food was just so darn good.  Living as an emotional child wasn’t allowing me to truly process what food really is.

Food is neutral, it has zero power to do anything.  


What we choose to eat is entirely our responsibility. 

What I’ve also learned is that not taking control of the situation was actually what I hated.  Food is just a circumstance in life and what I was doing was giving it more power in my life than I should have.  Not finding a solution to my overeating was what kept me fat.  Not food itself.

Today, I don’t hate or love food.  Food is just Food. Food controlled so much of my time and energy that I would be upset at how much of my life revolved around it, it was truly exhausting.

So how do you not want to want food?

Start by looking at what you’re making it mean in your life. How much power are you giving it? Try this exercise to find out….

Food is….

Food was….

Food will be…

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Have a great week!

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