Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

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For many years, I used food for comfort.  But the only thing it was creating was discomfort.  Because being overweight was anything but comfortable.

Emotional overeating leads to being overweight and being overweight leads to being UNCOMFORTABLE. 

When I was 100 lbs heavier, I was confident, fierce, the life of the party and people figured I had my life in order, and for the most part I did.  I had a career I loved. I was in a relationship that I was happy in, but on the inside, I felt uncomfortable in more ways than one.

  • Uncomfortable with the reflection on the mirror
  • Uncomfortable walking up the stairs.
  • Uncomfortable sitting on an airplane seat that was too small for my body.
  • Uncomfortable sitting on a toilet where my thighs would overlap the seat.
  • Uncomfortable trying to tie my shoe lace and then having to do it again with the other foot.
  • Uncomfortable trying 20 items at the store, only to walk out with one top and a pair of earrings (cause those always fit!)

Life as an overweight person is UNCOMFORTABLE.

The other day my husband was watching the Wendy Williams Show (don’t tell him I told you that..ha!) and she was interviewing a beautiful full-figured (extremely overweight) actress.  I don’t recall her name or the show she comes out in but she’s obviously a successful woman, if she’s sitting on a national TV show.

Actually, I now know why I didn’t get her name, or the show she was on there for.  It was because I couldn’t stop thinking of how uncomfortable she looked in her baby-doll silver glittery dress.  Yes, she probably has a beautiful house, money in the bank and fame to go with it.  But she looked uncomfortable.  I was sad for her. Because I’ve been there.

Being overweight tells a story to the outside world of someone who is either sad, depressed, lazy, weak and has zero will power to get this circumstance under control.

For me it was the opposite but it didn’t matter what anybody else thought, because I was the one having to live that life.

Today, I no longer feel uncomfortable to do the things I mentioned above. Actually, I seek to feel uncomfortable in other areas of my life, so that I can remind myself that the only way to grow and evolve is to get uncomfortable again.

Getting Comfortable with getting Uncomfortable is what I hope I teach the world.  Because on the other side of it, is Freedom!

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