Change the Story of your Past

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Can this really be done? Change the Story of Your Past?

Absolutely, the Story of Our Past is just that.

It’s a Story.

It’s a Circumstance that we cannot change and one we have many thoughts about.

When we learn something, it creates a very faint neural pathway in our brain. If we repeat it or add a significant amount of emotion to it, then it becomes more and more unconscious and effortless.

It becomes part of your Belief system.

Most of us do not decide consciously what we are going to believe.

Actually, most often, beliefs are based on misinterpretations of past experiences. Not actual facts.

But belief systems can be changed, because anything that is conditioned can be unconditioned.

However, anything you want to change in your life must be changed at the belief level if you want the change to be permanent.

You cannot simply treat the symptom; you must dig deep and find the belief that caused you to get there in the first place.

So how do I Change the Story of My Past?

1. Notice what you are thinking.
2. Notice how that thinking creates your feelings, actions and results.
3. Once you truly understand that it is your thinking, then decide to change.
4. Decide what you want your new result to be.
5. What will you need to do to create it? Feel to do that? Think to feel that way…

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