Food as Entertainment

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Food is not for entertainment. Food is fuel for your body.

When I learned this, I felt a little sad.  Why? Because I come from a HUGE Hispanic family that literally creates menu’s for every social event.  Birthday’s, anniversary’s, camping trips, friday nights…. Any gathering, first starts with a menu and a food option. (See picture above, that was one of our meals)

Yes, I totally understand that food is part of almost every social or family gathering, but does it have to be so much food? And why is food such a big part of lives that it almost becomes the entertainment.

This is where I had to work on with my mindset, food is not for entertainment.

As a society we believe it is perfectly normal to overeat and in every occasion. And if your family is anything like mine, there is plenty of it and most times pot luck style….so it’s basically a food fest!

Food even causes a lot of drama for many of us because the peer pressure of not eating in a social place is almost unbearable for many and we end up giving in for the fear of feeling inadequate.

Unfortunately, food at social gatherings is not something we always have control over.  What we do have control over is the mental chatter we have about food and what we make it mean and what actions we take.

Mental chatter is all those nagging thoughts that you have about food on a daily basis.

Here are a few of mine that I remember having.

“What am I going to eat today?”

“I shouldn’t eat that.”

“I should eat more now, in case I miss my snack and get hungry later.”

“I want that cupcake, this will be my carb for the day.”

“Darnit, I over did it on my carbs today.”

“Wine is my favorite carb!”

Yes, all these and about 59,000 other thoughts that most of us have about food.

All the food marketing in our country is based on taking advantage of this desire for pleasure, entertainment, comfort and all for very little effort on our part.

Food at any event is the selling point and these days I’m over it!!

My sister and her family came to visit this weekend and I felt like our visit revolved around food.  It was crazy! Yes, I loved spending time with her and her family but the food DRAMA and mind chatter was at it’s all time HIGH!  It was like, food was the only source of entertainment.

This weekend I had to remind myself of this, “If your food is more exciting than your Life.  This is a BIG problem!”

Knowing this and knowing that my food protocol doesn’t usually look like that, quiet the chatter about food as entertainment.

What about you?  Does your life and entertainment revolve around Food?  Would you prefer it didn’t and want help finding a solution to this?  Then book your 35 minute Complimentary Mini-Session with me HERE.



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