Hunger Scale Part 2

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Hi… Welcome Back to Part 2 on the Hunger Scale!

Learning the Hunger Scale and practicing it every day is probably one one of the easiest and hardest things to do.  This scale really teaches you how to, ‘Eat when You’re Hungry and Stop when You’re Full.’

That’s it!

Yeah, it’s easier said than done..Right?  That’s because it is.

As a previous Health & Fitness Coach, I taught myself and my clients to eat 3 meals and 2 snacks a day.  I use to say things like, “this will help ‘jump start’ your metabolism, “Your body needs constant food to lose weight.’  And it worked for me and for many people….but I still had no freedom around food!

Doing this daily took a lot of my time, brain energy and constant negotiating with myself about what I could eat and what I shouldn’t and when.

When I started intuitively eating with the Hunger Scale, I saw just how much was actually going on in my mind and how much my life revolved around food!

Don’t get me wrong, yes it helped me lose 90lbs and keep it off for 2 1/2 years but I was exhausted with all the daily mental chatter and with it completely consuming my life.

For me, finding the Hunger Scale was a life-saver!

Except it did take a lot of Self-Coaching to help me change.

Because I had conditioned myself and everyone around me, into believing and trusting that this was the ONLY way to lose weight and I had to re-condition myself to change that.

A few months ago, when I began eating and practicing -2 to +2, I found that eating this way was actually less stressful.  I’m not going to lie, it was around the Holiday’s that I started and it allowed me to enjoy EVERYTHING but only in amounts that my body still felt good and sated with.

This is when I found FREEDOM around food!

The truth is, the hunger scale is the body’s natural, inborn way of telling us when we need food and when we don’t anymore. If we pay attention to it and eat foods that fuel our bodies, our bodies will naturally find their way back to their ideal or natural weight. We don’t need to depend on any outside circumstances like: containers, food scales, or even on willpower, motivation or determination through the process of weight loss. We just need to pay attention to and honor our most precious gift and well manufactured machine that we live in. Our bodies.

Are you wondering if you could actually use this and be successful?  Well let’s get you scheduled for a Mini Session and find out. Click HERE!


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